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Alaya is a hotel resort and community based on the beautiful Caribbean Sea in Tulum, Quintana Roo. Our collective vision is to preserve a high regard for Mother Nature and individuality.

Alaya Tulum - Permaculture

Using the science of Permaculture, we’ve designed a resort/community that mimics a healthy ecosystem and enhances biodiversity, allowing a coexistence in harmony with nature.

Alaya Tulum

Be one with the nature

In Alaya we harmonize with nature and operate with the highest level of social responsibility. We wish to create a place where tranquility and inspiration are effortlessly instilled in us by the natural beauty of all.

Alaya is deeply committed to being a leader in environmental development for the hospitality industry. We are also striving to grow our social awareness and responsibilities by connecting with local communities and living each day by example.

Alaya Tulum - Nature
The Resource-Reduction Policy is implemented in all departments of the Hotel and Restaurant, saving a substantial amount of water, electricity, paper, cleaning agents, plastic bags, butane gas and diesel.
Green Key
Green Key

Green Key: Caring about Earth

In Alaya we feel proud to be a Green Key Partner and we learned to live in harmony by taking active responsibility for our environment. The top priority is to leave the smallest ecological footprint on our delicate surrounding environment.

We mimic Nature by recycling wastes, inspired by Mother Earth’s natural systems, enhancing life in the process as every ecosystem does.

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We transform all of our organic wastes from the Kitchen and Bars into compost, such as containers, cups, straws and most trash bags, and we use it to fertilize our Spiral Garden where we grow some of the aromatic herbs used in the Kitchen.

At Alaya, we discourage the sale of disposable plastic water bottles by offering a wide variety of water and flavored water in dispensers and recycling glass, cans and cardboard.

Alaya Tulum - Restaurant

In the building process we have not disturbed any mature tree on the land. The trees that have been used for building have been sustainably and locally harvested by the local Mayan people.

We maintain the integrity of the local ecosystem by landscaping with native species and provide all-natural amenities with organic ingredients, made locally in nearby Merida.

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Take a break from the rushes of the daily life and start to enjoy a full connection with the nature in Alaya.

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