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The perfect place to live a magical experience

Become one with Nature and choose the cabin of your preference to live a magical experience.

Natural Life in Alaya Tulum
Natural Life in Alaya

Live in harmony with nature

In Alaya we encourage the life in serenity and harmony with nature. We learned how to live connected with the environment by mantaining the integrity of the local ecosystem with natural recylcing processes of food & materials.

We love nature and animals, that is why we promote a pet & eco-friendly environment.

Alaya Tulum - Pet & Eco-Friendly

We are Green Key Partners and follow natural systems, enhacing life in the process as every ecosystem does. Our top priority is to leave the smallest ecological footprint on our environment, and to provide all-natural amenities.

Alaya Tulum - Green Key Partners

Life is all about Journeys

Take a break from the rushes of the daily life and start to enjoy a full connection with the nature in Alaya.

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